Matt from the Office Takes on Torreys Peak

I had been keeping an eye on the weather in Colorado for over a month and seeing storm after storm roll into the Rockies. On Friday afternoon I decided I couldn't hold off the urge to get some more turns in any longer and booked a redeye to Denver for Friday night. I touched down at Denver International a little after 2:00 am Saturday morning and heading to Nic's to get some shuteye.

Matt from the Office Heads to Berthoud Pass on 1.23.16

Day 1 of a 17 day trek out to Colorado was off to a bit of a rough start. The plan was for my buddy Jack's flight to get in at 10:30pm local time with mine getting in 30 minutes later at 11:00 pm and then heading to our buddy Nic's place for the night. This was the eve of "Snowmageddon" with flights out east being cancelled left and right yet mine somehow left more or less on time and arrived 30 minutes early.

A First Timer's Take on Splitboarding

I had been thinking of trying splitboarding for quite some time.  Having been left with no choice it was time to give it a shot.  I took a Launch Natural, converted it to a split and had my first go at splitboarding at Berthoud Pass in April.

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