Launch Team Snowboard

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Super light and extremeley powerful, the Team floats in powder and carves up groomers. The combination of the Camber shape, S-Pop core and Triaxial Fiberglass Deluxe provide torsional rigidity for supreme edge to edge transitioning and maximal edge hold. A directional twin that can handle whatever you throw at it!


Team Board Tech

Directional Twin DIRECTIONAL TWIN Twin at both ends, but has an asymmetrical flex pattern. The tail is stiff for easier carving while the tip is softer for powder and stability. Camber CAMBER The arch of the board is raised in the middle. Camber boards are better for speed, super responsive, and best suited for the more aggressive advanced riders or hard packed snow.
S-Pop Core S-POP CORE Like the P Pop core, but stiffer. Has more bamboo reinforcement giving it extra strength, reduced weight, increased durability, but retaining a natural wood feel. Triaxial Deluxe Fiberglass TRIAXIAL DELUXE FIBERGLASS A thicker layer of fibers laid in three different directions for extra strength and rigidity which reduces chatter at high speeds.
LDS LDS (Launch Dampening System) Simply put, it is the suspension under your bolts. The Launch Dampening System absorbs shock under your feet, giving you added stability plus added life to your board by protecting against breakage. 12 Hold Pattern 12 HOLE PATTERN Giving you plenty of options to get your stance dialed.
UHMW UHMW Sidewalls Our UHMW sidewalls are engineered to be very impact resistant and work well at cold temperatures. S4 Sintered Base S4 SINTERED BASE Higher the S level the better absorption for the wax and the faster the board becomes.


Flex Scale and Size Chart

Launch Team Snowboard Flex Scale

Launch Team Snowboard Size Chart

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