Utah is an Aussie with skill for days. His biggest accomplishment so far is winning the Men's 2wheelboard World Championships. Although we think of his riding style as fun and energetic, he considers himself an aggressive rider. When he is not 2wheelboarding, Utah edits photos, videos and does a bit of modeling. His friends consider him kind, funny, annoying and just a kid trying to have fun. Something most people don't know about him is that no one knows his full name.

Stance and angles: Goofy, angles vary

Favorite trick: Front flip to flat!

Home mountain: Hummock

Hometown: Bargara, QLD, Australia

5 things you can’t leave home without: Phone at 100% battery, iPod, 2wheel, shoes and a snack

Favorite food: Pancakes with Nutella

Favorite superhero: Goko

Random quote: “The world is too big to be small minded about anything!”

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