Jake grew up in the Bay Area but moved to Reno to pursue a degree in Civil Engineering at UNR while being able to get plenty of days riding in the Tahoe area. He is known for being a motivated individual progressively working towards becoming a big name in the snowboard industry. His biggest accomplishment to date is landing regular and switch doubles on snow after overcoming an ACL surgery at age 20. His riding style is "Thuggish Ruggish with a lotta sauce". In his spare time he is either working out at the gym, going to school, playing Xbox 360 or skating with friends. Not many people know he can speak fluent Spanish and his friends say "He is a little crazy, but very motivated, always ready to go ride and always got your back".

Stance and angles: Regular 12, -12

Favorite trick: Backside double cork 1080

Home mountain: Northstar at Tahoe & Boreal/Woodward at Tahoe

Hometown: Vacaville, CA

5 things you can’t leave home without: My board, boots, cash, keys, and steeze!

Favorite food: Filet and lobster

Favorite superhero: Superman, he's a pimp

Random quote: “The crest has got me crazy, but I love the way it raised me” ~ Mac Dre

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