Josh is a diehard east coast rider with style for days. He says he's either going to make it as a pro or be the 40 year old man still sending it in the park. He is best known for "hucking and tucking" which got him 3rd place at C.O.M.P at Carinthia. Whether it be longboarding, biking or cliff jumping most of Josh's spare time is spent doing something outside and he can't get enough of the outdoors. His riding style is "a little more aggressive than others" which is probably why most of his riding buddies say he's either stupid for sending big tricks on small features, innovative or creative.

Stance and angles: Regular 15, -15

Favorite trick: Laid out backflip

Home mountain: Whiteface

Hometown: Plattsburgh, NY

5 things you can’t leave home without: Phone, earbuds, snapback, shades, wallet

Favorite food: Chinese

Favorite superhero: Mermaid Man

Random quote: “Live everyday like it's your last. You won't be here for long anyway.”

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