What’s up world! My name’s Brandon Schmidt and I’m straight out the 973 Dirty Jersey. My style of riding is about being upside down, frontflips, backflips, corks, anyway to put myself into my comfort zone.  My biggest accomplishment in life is traveling around the world with Nitro Circus Live, riding in the shows, and checking off bucket list items like I’m dying tomorrow. Not only do I snowboard, I BMX, skate, and pretty much ride anything that has wheels. Aside from my love of all action sports my second love is cars, specifically European cars with those wide rear ends. I’ll leave you with this, I never thought I could be where I am today, but I had the dream and I chased it. Chase your dreams.

Stance and angles: Regular 12, -15

Favorite trick: Nollie frontflips, double backflips

Home mountain: Mountain Creek, NJ

Hometown: Stockholm, NJ

5 things you can’t leave home without: 5. Macbook 4.Pads and helmet 3.External hard drive 2. Cash 1. Passport

Favorite food: Always can go for a bacon cheeseburger.

Random quote: “Send it, just commit”

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