Launch Men's Progression Snowboard

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With a slightly softer flex, the Progression packs a lot of bang for your buck. Exclusively in Reverse Camber to make it easy to work on your skills but with a full poplar core, S1 sintered base and Launch's exclusive Quadtrac technology so it can keep up with you far after you get to the next level.


Men's Progression Board Tech

True Twin TRUE TWIN Both ends of the board are mirror images Reverse Camber REVERSE CAMBER The board touches in the center when placed on the ground and the ends float. Great for beginners because there is less chance of catching an edge. Also awesome for the parks and powder.
Quadtrac QUADTRAC Exclusive to us on our RC/reverse camber models. Four added contact points on the edge under the bindings that add extra grip and support in hard pack or icy conditions. Think of it as a serrated steak knife cutting through all the tough conditions you can throw at it. Pop Core POP CORE For a natural wood core feel, this is the core of choice. Made of 100% poplar for a smooth edge-to-edge and natural flex pattern.
Triaxial Fiberglass TRIAXIAL FIBERGLASS Fibers are laid in three different directions for more rigidity. LDS LDS (Launch Dampening System) Simply put, it is the suspension under your bolts. The Launch Dampening System absorbs shock under your feet, giving you added stability plus added life to your board by protecting against breakage.
12 Hold Pattern 12 HOLE PATTERN Giving you plenty of options to get your stance dialed. UHMW UHMW Sidewalls Our UHMW sidewalls are engineered to be very impact resistant and work well at cold temperatures.
S1 Sintered Base S1 SINTERED BASE Higher the S level the better absorption for the wax and the faster the board becomes.


Flex Scale and Size Chart

Launch Men's Progression Snowboard Flex Scale

Launch Men's Progression Snowboard Size Chart

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